The Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics (DBHI) offers a research and statistical consulting service. Although the mission of the program is to foster innovative research by supporting faculty, residents, fellows, and students on the Hospital Hill Campus, this service will be available to others at UMKC on a space-available basis. This service will:

  • Promote high-quality research by consulting on proper research design
  • Support researchers in making sample size estimates
  • Assist researchers in ethical and accepted methods of data analysis and interpretation.
In return the DBHI Office will provide the following support:
  1. One two-hour consultation at the start of the project to help with study design, data collection issues, and establish timelines. We will make every attempt to schedule this appointment within one month of the initial request or sooner if possible. But it must be realized that a good number of the people supporting this service are volunteers.
  2. Email support in follow-up for statistical issues as they develop.
  3. One two-hour consultation at the end of the project to help review findings and conclusions.
  4. Review of drafts of papers to be submitted to medical or other peer reviewed journals. We would anticipate that the staff person who works on the project will be listed as one of the co-authors to the publication.
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